In order to ensure the safety of myself and my clients, here are some of the precautions that I am taking:

  • Your massage therapist is fully vaccinated

  • Mask required for myself.

  • Proper hand washing before and after appointments, always up to the elbows.

  • Never re-using ANY linens.

  • Linens are washed in bleach and hot water.

  • Air purifiers are in all rooms.

  • I use a bio barrier on my table so that it is easily wiped down between clients with a spray that is approved by the CDC. Light switches, door knobs, chairs, counters tops, and anything else that may have been touched is also wiped down.

  • UV lights are used to disinfect the rooms.

  • Please, no plus-ones to your appointment (unless you are accompanying a minor) as the waiting room is closed due to COVID-19.

Thank you, ​

BH Bodywork